DukeStudies is a mobile application designed to allow students to better use academic resources on campus. The main function of the app will be to help students create study groups and utilize the most valuable resource they have - each other- more efficiently and effectively. Students will be able to create and join study groups that meet their needs, whether they be size of group, time they meet, location etc. In addition, the app will have the schedules of all help room hours, so this information will be all in one location. When expanding this app, we hope to include information for peer tutors, and the option to schedule an appointment with a peer tutor or even apply for a tutor for the semester.

Team Members

Kavita Jain, Project Manager, UI Design

Global Health/Evolutionary Anthropology, 2017

Jesse Hu, Back End Developer

ECE, Computer Science, 2016

Justin Zhang, Front End Developer

Computer Science, Statistics, 2016

Project Updates

December 3, 2014

December 3, 2014

Project Notebook: Duke Studies

DukeStudies is still in the beginning stages of development. Currently the team has outlined how the app will function and what programming needs to be done in order for the app to function the way it should be. In addition, backend programming has begun, starting with the “chat” function and the log-in menu.


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