The Delta Band is a strength training wearable tailored to athletes and trainers. Using machine learning, the Delta Band automatically recognizes and tracks a variety of strength exercises, provides valuable fitness metrics to trainers, and allows coaches to deliver customized workouts to the wrist of every athlete.

Team members

Gerry Chen,

Electrical Engineering, 2019

Project Updates

9/18/18 - Project Update: Deltaband

The DeltaBand project is going strong with electrical rev 0.3 having been assembled and placed in a first-pass prototype 3d-printed enclosure. They were showcased at a CMU new building tour with overwhelmingly positive results. The algorithms have been shown to have accuracies exceeding 99.5% when running on a computer. For the next 2 weeks or so, we will be focusing on the following: 1) refining the enclosure design 2) experimenting with resin based plastic casting, aluminum machining techniques, and higher quality 3d printers for more professional prototype enclosures 3) making a robust bluetooth pipeline to stream data from the DeltaBand to a computer to be processed live (as opposed to over a wired connection or through a non-live data logging technique) for use in an October 3rd demo at a tech showcase. Over the next 2.5 months, we aim to: 1) have a refined enclosure that can be manufactured at a volume of ~50-100 2) have implemented the ML algorithms to run on our ARM cortex M-4 processor 3) develop a basic web based mobile app for transferring data off the watch and to the cloud (we have a webdev guy who will be joining our team soon) 3) ship units for a closed-beta test to select athletic trainers by the end of November