We plan to create a ‘bus stop kiosk’ that is able to provide relevant information to waiting commuters such as bus arrival times and location of buses along the bus route. Information is displayed through a physical map with LEDs to indicate the location of the bus and LED matrices to indicate bus times to arrival. The kiosk will have internet connectivity to the Duke Wi-Fi network to obtain bus information through the Transloc API. The system will ideally be powered through a battery that can be rechargeable via a solar panel. Furthermore, the project is extensible, as it is possible to add additional features or information to our display (weather, social media).

Team members

Victor Chen, Team Member

Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, 2016

Jianan Li, Team Member

Electrical/Computer Engineering, 2016

Tze Kang, Team Member

Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, 2016

Project Updates

Tze Kang looking pretty excited about his Bus Stop Kiosk project finally being installed on Central by Mill Village. Let us know what you think! #busstopkiosk #projectnotebook

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The Bus Stop Kiosk is up and running!


Bus Stop Kiosk in testing!


Project Notebook: Bus Stop Kiosk


We have quite a bit of the pieces going on our project! The design stage is nearly complete, and the various subsystems are underway. Our LED matrix display, Wi-Fi and Transloc connectivity, and solar panel/charger/battery are all operational and undergoing testing and validation of design parameters, while the physical enclosure has begun being manufactured. We are quite pleased with the progress of our design, and we should begin finalizing and integrating our various subsystems prior to Thanksgiving break!