Brainbuild automates nutrition planning so collegiate and professional athletes know precisely when to eat what types of foods based on their training schedule & performance needs. We accomplish this through a mobile app that provides real-time reminders and food suggestions all backed by a board certified sports dietitian.

Team members

Joe Lam, Founder, CEO

Program II - Entrepreneurial Motivations, 2017

Brendan O'Brien, Lead Software Engineer

ECE, BME, CS, 2016

Project Updates

Duke Chronicle: Smoothies, apps and buffets

“Senior fencer Joe Lam has worked with Alphin to create a startup called Brainbuild, which syncs athletes’ daily schedules with dietitian recommendations and on-campus food options to notify them of the ideal times to eat during the day and provide specific choices. The company uses Google Calendar and an app to provide timely reminders based on athletes’ schedules, and five schools are already using its product since its spring 2016 launch—Duke, Columbia, Cornell, UC San Diego and Emory.”

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Brainbuild Update

July 28, 2016 

Over the Summer and through Fall 2016, we have the privilege to be working with athletes from some of the most prestigious universities in the country as a part of our private beta: Columbia University Cornell University Duke University Emory University UC Berkeley UC San Diego To date, we have helped collegiate & professional athletes from 16 different varsity sports: Baseball Basketball Cross Country Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Football Ice Hockey Lacrosse Rowing Soccer Swimming & Diving Tennis Track & Field Wrestling Volleyball We are driven by our obsession with not only creating the most valuable technology to solve this problem but also delivering the best possible user experience. The goal of our private beta is to fully understand what causes proper eating behavior among athletes. To accomplish this, we are working one-on-one with each user on our platform, checking in with them regularly, as well as working with the coaches, sports dietitians, athletic trainers, and athletic directors from our university partners. With the support of the Innovation Co-Lab we were able to successfully build, launch, and use a two-part mobile platform. One application which syncs with Google Calendar delivers real-time eating (and even hydration & sleep) reminders along with personalized food suggestions to each user. An internal tool that we have built is automating the repetitive work like scheduling recurring events, sending timely reminders, and creating color-coded visuals, so we can focus our attention on what matters the most—delivering a high-touch experience to our customers in an industry where precision and expertise is critical.