The mission of Akin is to provide a productive space to foster open, honest communication and understanding. We believe every individual has unique perspectives and experiences that make them special, and that those experiences can help enrich the lives of others. We also believe that despite our differences, we are all “akin” due to our innate human nature and equality. With these two beliefs in mind, we aim to create a space that celebrates and encourages these differences, while also stressing an understanding of others.

Team members

Maya Patel, Co-Founder, Artistic Vision, Web Design, Technology

Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Environment, 2018

Krista Opsahl-Ong, Co-Founder, Web Development, Technology, Marketing

Computer Science, ECE, 2018

Lisa Guraya, Co-Founder, Social Awareness Advisor, Moderator, Head of Writing

Public Policy, 2018

Giselle Graham, Co-Founder, Mission Supervisor, Social Media and Marketing

>Economics, French, I&E, 2018