Prosthetic Hand Project



With 3D printing becoming increasingly economical, it is now possible to prototype faster than ever. This project aims to create a prosthetic hand based on the original Robohand by Richard van As. Some of our goals are to add myoelectric sensors, motor actuated fingers, two joint fingers and better thumb movement.

Team Members

Ouwen Huang, 3D development/ assembly, developer

Computer Science, 2016

Suyash Kumar, 3D development/ assembly, Electrical Systems design

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, 2015

Henry Warder, Assembly/structural integrity, developer

Mechanical Engineering, 2017

Eli Lichtenberg, Electrical Systems design

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, 2016

Anurag Dulapalli, Assembly, Electrical Systems design

Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2016

Project Updates

September 11, 2014

Dillon is pretty excited about his prosthetic.

September 11, 2014

Project Notebook: Prosthetic Hand Update

This project started when a family came to us with a particular need for a prosthetic hand. They had heard about how 3D printers could be used to create prosthetics and were wondering if we could help out. At the end of last semester we created a working prosthetic and delivered it to Dillon, and he was extremely happy. This semester we are setting out to improve upon previous designs by adding myoelectric sensors and motors. We’ll be playing with the myo from thalmic labs as well as a new double finger joint design.


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