The fashion tech industry is taking off. Technological breakthroughs in electronics and manufacturing allow the creation of styles that people could not have dreamed of twenty years ago. However, the fashion tech tide is not reserved for just the fashion elites. All it takes is design inspiration and a little technical know-how. Kristine Stanners ('20) and Chris Orrico ('20) are trying to do exactly that. By using 3D printers and cutting-edge elastic filament materials, they are seeking to innovate versatile 3D printed textiles and carry on where others in the industry have left off. Ultimately, they hope to create breathtaking 3D printed garments accessible and to those outside of the realm of haute coutoure, and to bring some art to a technology primarily used for applications in the STEM field.

Team members

Chris Orrico, Co-Founder/Textiles Development Engineer

Mechanical Engineering/Energy Engineering/Global Development Engineering, 2020

Kristine Stanners, Co-Founder/Fashion Designer

Neuroscience, 2020