Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Water Filter


Project status: Archived


This project aims to develop a small water filter that uses reverse osmosis and UV water treatment and is powered with solar energy. Reverse osmosis technology is the most effective water treatment method, but also uses an extensive amount of energy to supply enough water pressure to push the water through a semi-permeable membrane. Current attempts at a solar-powered RO unit are very large and expensive to make, but this project aims to make a filter that is usable commercially and inexpensively. The project also aims to use solar power to filter the power using ultraviolet light. These two methods are successful in removing sediment, bacteria, and viruses from a water source. An inexpensive water filter that is commercially available would be beneficial to those without clean water around the world, as one in four people do not have access to a safe water source (WHO/UNICEF).



Alex Penne, Developer and Designer, Physics and Electrical/Computer Engineering, 2025


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