Bluetooth Bike Shifter


Project status: Archived


Our mission is to design a universal electronic bike shifting system that is used with a customizable bar-mounted Bluetooth gear shifter and calibrated with an IOS based app. This product is to be retrofittable with any type of mountain bike or road bike. It should not affect the suspension characteristics or the weight of the bike as to not affect performance. To do this, we are attempting to combine a high-speed linear actuator and pieces of the Arduino suite to make a customizable shifting program that allow for micro-adjustments for any type of gear set-up. In the near future, we intend to create a simple IOS application to be paired with the actuator to allow any type of bike enthusiast to calibrate the system for their biking adventures.



Eli Page, Design and Fabrication Engineer - B.S.E Mechanical Engineering and Economic, 2025

Desmond Decker, Design Engineer - B.S.E Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2025


Archived Grant Project