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Co-Lab Open House Highlights

Well folks, Co-Lab's Open House has come and gone! Even though we are obviously devastated that you couldn't make it, do not despair! Our studios at the TEC, Rubenstein Art Center (the Ruby), and Lilly Library are always open for you, and usually they're staffed! Click here to see where we are and if we're staffed at the time you'd like to visit! 

Here are the top 8 things you missed. 

  1. Shiny New Things!
    After the devastating Flood™ of the summer, the Co-Lab is BACK – and better than ever! New tables, chairs, a fresh coat of paint, and refreshed tech mean that it’s a better time than ever to come learn about the Co-Lab.
  2. Tasty Food
    Locally sourced only at the Co-Lab. Pie Pushers, of course!
    Boxes of pizza open
  3. A Cool Place to Cool Off
    Attendees escaped the hot North Carolina summer by dipping into our refreshed Air Conditioned units. We had a pool, but it’s been cleaned up now (see aforementioned flood). 
  4. Making a Keychain! 
    We pulled out all the stops for our Reopening: specifically our Glowforge, a Laser Printer that can engrave anything – even metal! 
    Image of keychains on a table with hands on the left-hand side holding a market and tape. Sign in the middle of the table says "Kevin says Laser Engraved Key Chains"
  5. Finding Colby
    Where is he? Only one way to find out…
  6. Meeting Cool People
    It’s not just tech that makes the Co-Lab so swag, it’s the people! All of our talented studio staff were ready to help you with whatever you need. Maybe you’re more interested in software, and you could've chatted with our DevOps team. Interested in learning more about experimental and professional 3D Printing Applications? Our folks at BlueSmith were there to give tours and show off cool projects.
    People standing around professional 3D prints on shelves
  7. Co-Lab Swag!
    Phone wallet? ✅ Sticker for your laptop? ✅ Brochure filled with classes to paper your walls? ✅
  8. Oh the Places You Could've Gone (and the Things You Could've Seen!)
    3D printers, Roots classes, laser cutters – oh my! This was your chance to learn all about the myriad programs that the Co-Lab is offering this year, from our Roots classes to First Fridays to our many events throughout the year. 
    Two people loading a 3D printer pen


So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us at the Co-Lab today!