I know you’re thinking, this all sounds great, but how do I actually get involved with the Co-Lab?

Glad you asked.  Below are four great ways to participate in some of our programming.

Step 1: Take a course in our Roots Program

The Roots Program is the best way for students who are new to the world of technology to get a foot in the door. These courses are designed to be an in-depth introduction to the topic, not just an overview. There will be hands-on opportunities to start projects that could grow beyond the scope of the class. The Roots Program is the front door to the Co-Lab, and our Studio Nights and Grant Programs are there to support the things you learn here.

Roots Class Schedule

Step 2: Come to a Studio Night

Studio Nights are our regular, informal gatherings of like-minded students who are interested in innovation, experimentation, and generally creative uses of technology. Think of it as a low-stress hack-a-thon, but without the sleep deprivation. We'll have mentors on hand to help with your projects, match you up with potential partners, or generally conspire on something awesome. We meet every Tuesday at 6pm in the Studio.

Studio Night Details

Step 3: Visit the Studio

The Studio is our creativity lab in the Technology Engagement Center at Telcom Building. It's your one-stop shop for anyone, regardless of skill and experience, to come in and be able to make a product through an iterative design process. We have a variety of tools including a Shopbot CNC Router, a Laser Cutter/Engraver, six 3d printers, and a variety of other electronics, sensors, and hand tools.

More Details about the Studio

Step 4: Apply for a Co-Lab Innovation Grant

Our grant program is a great way to get additional mentorship, consultation, resources, or funding to bring a great idea into reality. We're looking for projects that can have a real effect on the Duke University Community. If you have an idea, check out the grant program to see if it would be a good fit, or feel free to contact us with questions to talk it over.

Full Grant Program Details