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Same great Co-Lab programming online! We've created a ton of new creative technology workshops for you. Join via the Zoom link found in the calendar events below.
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Joselyn showing off some creative coding using Processing

COVID-19 is forcing us to stay apart, but it is no reason not to get together virtually! The Co-Lab's goal continues to be that of supporting tech-centered creativity and training. For that reason, we are making it our temporary mission to alleviate the boredom you may be finding yourself in as you are confined at home, by proposing some new events you can attend from the comfort of your couch.

Co-Lab @ Home is going to differ in a few ways from Roots programming. We’re offering shorter workshops on topics that work well online. We’re emphasizing exposure to new tools, experimentation, and creative exploration. Many of our workshops will be under one-hour. You’re welcome to jump in (no signup required!) and try something new.

As you may be aware, many talented creative technologists, artists, and makers lost work when events were cancelled. We're tapping our network to bring you programming led by incredibly talented folks that we wouldn't normally get to partner with, so take advantage of this opportunity to engage with new instructors from across the globe.

We’ll also be using Instagram in new ways. IG Live will be our go-to medium for live-performances, live-demonstrations, and chats with talented makers, artists, and academics to learn more about their work and practices. IG Stories will be where we’re showing demonstrations of technology-related tools with a bit more context. If you don’t already, now is a great time to follow us on IG @innovationcolab. Share what you make with #ColabAtHome.

For all roots workshops, make sure to check if any downloads are needed for participation on the Co-Lab Roots page. Interested in more creative skill-building workshops? Check out DukeCreate.

Co-Lab Office hours will continue to be offered via Zoom. You can view the current schedule for Co-Lab Office Hours and join a zoom session for assistance.