The Noun Project Iconathon:
"Innovation in Education"

October 5, 2013 - 11am - 4pm in Perkins 217

A unique challenge to build a visual language around the rapidly changing world of technology in higher education.

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Ok, so what exactly is an Iconathon?

Iconathons are facilitated design workshops organized by The Noun Project in partnership with organizations and sponsors across the country. Symbols serve as some of the best tools to overcome many language and cultural communication barriers. The aim of Iconathon is to add to the public domain a set of graphic symbols that can be used to easily communicate concepts frequently needed in civic design.

Interesting, so what is our topic?

The Co-Lab Iconathon will be themed around "Innovation In Education". We are at a significant inflection point in the nature of learning in higher education. Online classes and new learning models are changing the way that we think about how to teach and how students learn. Speakers at the event will provide an overview of this changing landscape, along with what Duke is doing to lead these efforts. We'll then tackle the design problem of creating a visual language for these new methods of teaching and learning.

For more info, check out this blog post over at The Noun Project's site.

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