Lilly Library starting Renovations

By Kevin Thies // May 6, 2024

Every Monday morning I swing by Lilly library to check on the 3D printers, but today was different. As I climbed up the worn stone steps, I noticed that the door was covered by brown paper, and when I tried to swipe my DukeCard, I was met with the red lights and shrill beeping or rejection. We all knew it would happen eventually, but Lilly Library is finally closed for renovations.

So what does this mean for the Co-Lab? Well, there won't be a Lilly Library location for the Co-Lab for a couple of years, but once the renovations are done we'll have a sparkly new lab with new tools and machines! You won't see any 3D printers named Lilly on 3DPrinterOS during that time as well. Additionally, we'll be moving into a new space, the Wilson Lab, which is just across the Quad from Lilly and adjoining the East Union! Wilson will be East Campus's hub for 3D printing over the next 2 years.

If you're interested in reading more about the Lilly Renovation, the Duke Library has a website dedicated to the Lilly Project here:



Location: Lilly