Check out the Spring Classes in the Roots Program

By Michael Faber // January 3, 2024

Welcome to our Spring semester in the Roots program! We're thrilled to offer a diverse range of classes that cater to various interests and skill levels.

Dive into the world of technology with our foundational courses like Introduction to Git and Intro to Python, perfect for beginners. Learn to build with microcontrollers with our new Pathway: Raspberry Pi Hack Lab Series, offering 5 unique hands-on experiences in this versatile platform. For those interested in user experience (UX), we have classes including Validate Your Design with Usability Testing, How to Solve the Right Problem and Align your Team, and Create a Design/UI/UX Portfolio Site. We're also introducing a few new courses like Intro to Rust, Intro to Large Language Models, and Unix Terminal Customization and Setup, expanding your programming and technical horizons.

In the realm of art and technology, we're offering unique classes where creativity meets functionality. Discover the art of laser cutting with projects like creating dog tag keychains or intricate jewelry, delve into the craft of Foamsmithing, or learn the skills to Build a Lamp. These courses not only enhance your technical abilities but also ignite your artistic flair. 

All of our classes are available through Pathways - click the link below to go directly to a course or head over to Pathways to browse all of the offerings we have there.