The Innovation Co-Lab is a creativity incubator, focused on exploring how new and emerging technologies can fundamentally reshape the research, academic, and service missions of the university. Working with our innovation-minded colleagues around campus, we're building a model program that will elevate and inspire members of the Duke Community who are solving problems, big and small, through our ever-changing technological environment. Students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds, interests, and skill-sets are encouraged to participate.

How to find us.

So how do we do all that?

Innovation Grants

Our Grant program is the main vehicle for student innovation.  The program not only provides capital for student projects, but also provides the logistical and management support of the Co-Lab to help the project carry through from beginning to end.

Full Grant Program Details

Technical Resources

We know that a good idea can only take you so far.  So we’ve set up some technical resources (and the support and documentation that go with it) to help get your idea off and running.  Resources include access to Duke data through APIs, virtual machines, code repositories, and more.



We know there are a ton of students at Duke with great ideas, great skills, and great motivation, and we want to get all of you in the same room.  We’ll be hosting regular events throughout the semester, some formal, some informal, so you can connect with this growing community.

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